Robert uses the scientific method: Goal, Model, Data, Evaluation and Revision, in developing legal solutions that best suit your needs. This method, used in science and medicine, is considered to be the best decision-making template available.

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The scientific method is well adapted to generate favorable results and beneficial solutions in law and business.  The process of trying, observing and learning is what we call “experience,” and it is the basis of the progress we make.  Applied to what is important to you, Robert uses this method to understand and evaluate your needs, your experience, the and results you’ve obtained in your business or personal life.  This allows him to work with you to recommend the best course of action to accomplish your goals.

Since at least 1927, the legal community has recognized that the best legal decision-making requires “the equipment of pure science.”  Robert brings the equipment of pure science to representing you.  As with the best science your case depends on an analysis, validation and presentation of your facts and circumstances to achieve an optimal result.

Use of science in law and life

  • Business
  • Timber contracts
  • Construction management
  • Environmental analysis
  • Worker safety
  • Nutrition
  • Medicine
  • Farming and ranching
  • Environment Employment
  • Valuation and appraisal
  • Finance
  • Engineering