Whether you need advice or advocacy, Robert uses his understanding of the language and method of science to give you legal counsel and to develop legal solutions that best suit your needs.

What does our science skill bring to you?

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The scientific method is well adapted to generate favorable results and beneficial solutions in law and business.  Since at least 1927, the legal community has recognized that the best legal decision-making requires “the equipment of pure science.”  This is especially true if your business, your dispute, or your other legal needs involve scientific, technical, or engineering facts.  

Robert uses the equipment of pure science and his familiarity with science and its methods to work with you to achieve your law-related goals.  He approaches your legal matters as scientists approaches their work – with analysis, evaluation, and validation.

Use of science in law and life

Key Legal Areas

  • Medical issues
  • Chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Health and environmental risks
  • Forensic science
  • Biology and toxicology
  • Scientific and medical enterprises

Scientific Enterprises

  • Chemical industry
  • Mining and natural resources extraction
  • Environmental and laboratory analysis
  • Medicine and health care delivery
  • Industrial facilities (i.e. power-plants and refineries)
  • Government and education